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Forever in an Empire State of Mind

I can’t believe my internship is over. I built so many great relationships here in New York City and learned so much. It really is all about whom you know and learning on the way to the top is vital. I have been blessed this summer to go to so many awesome events and I had a fantastic boss. Not only is she just an amazing person in general she spoiled me rotten haha. She is such an inspiring mentor and I definitely want to be like her when I graduate college – driven. Determined and goal-oriented. She is so dedicated to her job but she is also dedicated to maintaining the relationships she has built and that is what I love about her. We had some interesting days at the office together and some entertaining dinners out in Meatpacking and at Olives and I definitely consider her one of my girlfriends. I look forward to working with Dina and the future and am fortunate enough to see her again as she takes me with her to do entertainment PR for the Country Music Awards in October and the Grammy Awards in February. This experience definitely changed my life but it didn’t change what I want to do with my life. I know that PR is for me, specifically fashion and lifestyle. I’m so excited to explore entertainment PR with her in the near future and can’t wait to keep doing what I love: PR.

A few things I will miss about New York:

1.     Walking everywhere. I couldn’t make it to the gym everyday but I love walking. The city is so full of life and energy that you will always see something interesting. As long as I kept walking around the city I knew I was getting some form of exercise.

2.     Public Transportation. While the subway was ridiculously expensive, ($104 monthly!) it was so convenient. Never having to pay for gas would be a luxury even though I haven’t seen a gas station in 3 months -__-

3.     The fashion. All I have to say is everywhere I look it is basically a runway show of fashion trends I want to buy; TopShop, Brandy Melville and Zara is how I want to dress for the rest of my life.

4.     Men’s fashion. Don’t get me wrong I love the boys from back home and at college, BUT the way men dress here is so attractive. Suits, a tie and dress pants. Button up shirts. HELLO?! It is the most attractive thing ever and I drooled assessing men on the subway (totally normal) and on the street.

A few things I will NOT miss about New York:

1.     Living in NYU dorms (specifically Brittany Hall). Even though the dorm was named after me, it was Dante’s Inferno. I kid you not. I lived on the 16th floor and had a lovely view of a clock tower that lit up at night, but NO AC. If you know anything about summer in NYC it is that not only is it about 95 degrees and even hotter in July and August, the humidity is insane. I’m used to it being hot considering I’m normally a lifeguard during the summer but the humidity killed me. Did you know heat rises? My roommates and I sweat every night in our sleep.

2.     NYU in general. Everyone is rude, and the dining halls are open unusual and unreasonable hours. Also, NYU is terrible with keeping students (full-time or not) in the know. Don’t randomly take away or add on dining dollars or meals and not tell me.

3.     Restaurants & Pricing. Besides McDonald’s where you can get a meal that actually comes with fries, do not expect that anywhere else. French fries do not come on the side with a burger. A burger alone will cost you around $8 and a side of measly fries will cost you $3. I rarely ate out in the city for that reason alone. I can’t wait to get back to reasonably priced food.

Complaints aside, I made a lot of great friends here in the city, all of them older than me of course and of legal age to go clubbing, but they all included me and I felt like I was their age in the end. Even though my time for the summer of 2012 in New York is over, this is not goodbye. This is seeing you later. I know I will return to New York for future endeavors, internships and maybe even a career.

Even though I live in Indiana, I am forever in an Empire State of Mind. 

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